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Our recommended preventive maintenance services include:​

  • Oil change, lube and filter

  • Brake and transmission fluid replacement

  • Tire rotation

  • Clean fuel injectors

  • Air filter inspection and replacement

  • Transmission inspection

  • Radiator inspection and service

  • Vehicle Inspection

  • Tune-Up

  • Air Conditioning Service

  • Battery Inspection

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Our recommended preventive maintenance services include:

  • Brake Services

  • Engine services and repair

  • Transmission Service and Repair

  • Electrical systems services and repair

  • Steering and suspension services

  • Heating & Cooling Services

  • Alternators, starters, and ignition services

  • Cooling system repair (A/C)

  • Water pumps

  • Fuel pumps and lines repair

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Additional recommended services: 

  • *Intake fuel induction service: highly recommended for the health and longevity of your engine, to be performed every 30,000 miles or 2 years.  This service  cleans out carbon that builds up inside of the intake manifold and carbon that sticks to the valves.  This allows the engine to breathe  which carbon prevents it from doing.  It also includes a cleaning chemical that goes into the gas tank.  This service also includes changing the oil and filter and can improve your mpg.

  • *Coolant service, flushing out the cooling system to be done every 5 years or 100,000 miles.  Also recommend flushing out the heater core at the same time.

  • Transmission service, changing the transmission fluid every 50,000 miles to keep the transmission temperature down which helps tremendously the longevity of the transmission. 

  • Engine tune-up generally every 100,000 miles or 8-10 years whichever is first.  This will help prevent damage to the catalytic converters and can be very expensive to replace.

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